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Some lines about us

Formatec was founded by Per Swartz and Jonny Mejdahl in 1989. At the time laser printers had started to replace the older printer technologies. Laser printed sheets did not work with the old sealer machines. Formatec developed a sealer technology that use both heat and pressure and is capable of using the print toner as the seal ”glue”, and at the same time still be able to use all the ”pre-glued” paper media on the market.

Since the start more than 1000 Formatec devices have been delivered worldwide. Many units have been customer tailored with camera reading, in-line feeding and other customer preferences.

Formatec technologies work with both continuous form and cut-sheet print technologies. In the additional product lineup Formatec offers machines for form handling, vertical stacker for inserting machines, loop box for pressure equalization between the paper and cutter and others.

In 2013 Formatec introduced the C4 machine as a result of close cooperation with Ricoh and Böwe Systec. The C4 with new unique technology (patent pending) brings many new capabilities and opportunities to the professional users of mail handling.